Interior design by the hour

Charged at £65 per hour

This is the most flexible way of engaging my help and works well if you are looking for help with several rooms, or the whole house. You may want me to visit for as couple of hours as the starting point for one room that you are wanting to revamp, or to take a look at the layout of a tricky room, or simply suggestions for finishing touches. You may want advise on how to update several rooms; for this in particular the Interior Design by the hour service can be quite an economical option, as I can be researching and sourcing multiple items along side each other.

It may be you wish me to attend a quick meeting with your architect, meet with you to look at an antique you’ve spotted, or pop over to check paint colours with you. The design per hour allows complete flexibility, and I am happy to work to an estimated number of hours before undertaking the work. Alternatively I can keep you informed with what hours I have done and invoices are usually issued at the end of every month.

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