Mr & Mrs Wright, Tunbridge Wells

What can I say about Imogen, apart from the fact that she is truly amazing and yet I will add more.

I flooded our family home in Tunbridge Wells (left the bath tap running) and we were finally forced into totally renovating our six-bedroom house from top to bottom, and after that no stone was then left unturned and the house we have now with was nothing like the one Imogen started with.

Imogen was incredible, innovative, inspiring and without a doubt a ‘Master in her Trade’. We trusted her completely, nothing fazed her and as a Project Manager/ Interior Designer of your renovations, please look no further than Imogen as she is without a doubt the person for the job, huge or small.

Imogen took us out of our comfort zone and her brilliance was (apart from many other things) an ability to flow colours from room to room and we now love our home so much. Every tradesman that has worked here (and there were so many, nine vans often in one day) respected Imogen and had nothing but admiration for her as they worked through our home over the space of a year inside and out.

Finally, thank you Imogen as I am still sane, despite running my profession from my home and from the heart we can never truly really thank you enough and please always pass on my telephone number to your clients so I can tell them just how superb you are.

Mr & Mrs Wright, Tunbridge Wells - 22/11/2017
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